Our current top furniture products

Lately, many people have been looking to give their homes more style through furniture. Here at Dumanel.com, we can help you with that! Here are our top 5 picks for trending furniture items in 2022!

Leather Heated Massage Recliner Sofa

This reclining lounge sofa has 8 built-in vibrating points and a remote to control the settings to your massage so that you can relax at the max after a long day of work! It even includes a heating function located at the lumbar. You can read, take a nap, or even watch television in this incredibly soft leather recliner, where you can extend the footrest and lean back up to 150 degrees. This sofa is known for improving blood circulation, relieving neck pressure, soothing hip pain, making joints and shoulder muscles more relaxed, and all-in-all, having a positive effect on your whole spine! Plus, it only takes about ten minutes to assemble in your own home! So go ahead and try one out for yourself, because we’re confident that you’re going to love this product!

Adjustable Overbed End Table - Wooden Nightstand with Swivel Top

Getting this nightstand drawer would be very useful because of its two drawers and open shelf, where you can store large things that would usually take up lots of space! You can use it for many things, such as a nightstand, a laptop/computer table, a study desk, reading, writing, drawing, or literally anything else you can think of! You’re probably thinking, how can you use a nightstand as a desk? Well, this little table isn’t your typical place to store things, because you can move the top panel 360 degrees vertically and laterally so you can do anything right over your lap! It even has anti-slip strips, so that it can stay nice and tidy with nothing falling off! This simple, yet incredibly useful drawer can make a great addition to your room!

Modern Faux fur home office chair

You’ve probably seen many unique and comfortable chairs that you’d love to have in your home, but trust us when we say you’ve never seen a chair like this! This modern pink Faux fur chair is great for doing your makeup in, starting new trends on social media, or just lounging with your friends! Its 16.5” x 16.14” seat ensures that you have lots of space to move around on the fuzzy chair! Also, since it’s an office chair, you can rotate it, wheel it around, and even adjust the height! Its lovely, pink color can make for a great piece of eye-catching furniture in your home! This home office chair is adorable, unique, and has its own personality, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!
Sigar Patio Hanging Chair with Stand
People are always on the lookout to spruce up their yards, so why not do it with a pretty amazing hanging patio chair? This trending chair is literally perfect for any day, with its weather-resistant cushioning, material, and fabric that ensures it can withstand any weather forecast and, added bonus, it’s pretty easy to install! With its intricate weaving designs woven into lots of cool patterns, you’ll be sure to impress anyone! Its cushioning makes it delightful to snuggle up and read in, or to relax and watch a glorious sunset. Having a amazing chair like this would truly make you crave free time just to spend some time on this captivating, cute, and all-in-all, perfect chair! No matter the reason or season, getting a Sigar patio hanging chair would make your life that much better!
Chesterfield Corner Sofa - White Faux Leather
Everyone loves a beautiful sofa to comfortably sit in and rewind, right? Well, with this simple, yet luxurious corner sofa, your friends will be in awe every time they come to your home! It’ll brighten up and liven up your living room while also making it elegant and fancy at the same time! With its chic beading and luxurious frame, we can confirm that you’ll just adore this sofa when it adds a little more personality to your living room! Not only is it affordable, but it’s also easy to install! Got a big family living with you? No problem! A 6-seat corner sofa is all you need so that no one has to cram in and make space for others when watching a good movie!