Website Security

What is website security?

Website security aims to keep our website and your personal information secure and private from unauthorized people or applications.

​At / Shopify, we place website security as one of our highest priorities. We strive to implement the highest level of security processes and practices to keep our website safe and secure.

Why does the website need website security?

Website security is essential to protect the site from DDoS attacks, malware, and other online security threats. /Shopify constantly upgrades its security protocols and practices to defend against these online threats. comes with HTTPS security protocol and is validated with an SSL certificate.

Here's what we do to protect your information

  • Shopify contracts security consultants to ensure the security of our user information. They perform regular security audits and infiltration testing to maintain our ISO/PCI security certifications. Any issues that are reported to our security team or raised during security audits are immediately resolved.

  • Shopify encrypts databases containing sensitive information, according to PCI standards, to add additional protection to personally identifiable information. Our encryption methods renders this information unreadable without a cryptographic key. 

  • Shopify has a multiple layer security architecture to help protect against 0-day security issues. 

  • Shopify's signup and login services are completed through a secure server. The information provided to Shopify in the signup process is secured via HTTPS/SSL communication. 

  • Shopify uses cryptography hash functions to protect your information. Your password is stored as a hash digest and, in the event of a security breach, your original password cannot be recovered from our servers.

Security Built into Every Shopify Website

  • SSL Certificate
    Gain your visitors’ trust by having SSL web security to keep connections secure and private over an HTTPS connection.

  • Level 1 PCI Compliant 
    Get a website that adheres to the highest level of payment industry standards, keeping your visitor transactions private.

  • ISO 27001 & 27018 Certificates
    Shopify maintains industry best practices for handling personal information (PII) and managing website security risks.

  • TLS 1.2
    Feel safe knowing that Shopify adds extra layers of website security like TLS 1.2 to keep all transactions on your site private.

  • DDoS Protection
    Get reliable web hosting. Our servers have gone through extensive hacker testing to ensure your website is always up and running.

  • Website Security Monitoring
    Our team monitors Shopify websites 24/7 for any suspicious activity and continually conducts software security reviews.

  • 2-Step Verification
    Prevent unauthorized entries into your account with 2-step verification. You’ll receive a code anytime an unrecognized device attempts to log in.

  • Centralized Website Security
    Shopify is a centralized SaaS solution and website platform. This means that all security updates are automatically applied to your site.

  • GDPR and CCPA
    Shopify has worked with a team of experts to help ensure that our products and services are in compliance with privacy regulations.

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