Our current top products for workouts at home

Over these past few years, working out at home has become very popular due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many have been trying to find great equipment for their homes that they can use day-to-day. So, in this blog post, we’ll tell you our top picks for workout equipment!


Electric Folding Treadmill

Our first product is the Electric Folding Treadmill. This treadmill is good to run or walk on and has many great features. It has easy-access handlebar controls which can easily help you change the settings and speed levels (which go from 0.8 - 12 km/h). It’s very sturdy and it even folds so you can make more room after you’ve finished working out. It also has a vacuum motor, which reduces noise when you run, so you never have to worry about making too much of a racket. And if you ever want to add a “personal touch”, you can always listen to your favorite songs during a workout with the built-in speakers. We definitely recommend giving this treadmill a try!


Magnetic Rowing Machine

The second product on our list is the Magnetic Rowing Machine. This machine is great for getting a full-body workout, toning, and building muscle. It has 8 different rowing settings so you can always push to your limit and make the exercise right for you. It has a great design that allows you to fold and store the machine in any place you can fit it. And since it has wheels, you can move it to your desired workout spot in your home. You can easily view your progress and goals on the LCD screen panel, which would be directly in front of you when you “row”. This rowing machine is a great workout addition to any home.


Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

Are you a gymnast or someone who likes to stretch or needs a mat for sports? If so, then this third product is right for you! This mat is great for gymnasts who tumble because it helps absorb the shock from landings. It provides good stability and it’s great for anyone who wants to improve their skills. But if you aren’t a gymnast, this mat is still great for stretching. It’s also great for anyone who does a sport which includes falling to the ground. This inflatable gym mat is waterproof and can be for indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with its own pump, so you can easily set it up or deflate it on your own. This is a great product for many sports with many uses.

Balance Ball

The Balance Ball, which is also called a bosu ball, is the fourth product on our list. If you didn’t know already, a bosu ball can be used for many things. It has an unstable surface which helps engage many muscles when using it. A bosu ball is also good for improving balance, strength, muscle coordination, and it’s even good for stretching. The Balance Ball comes with a balance board (which goes at the bottom of the bosu ball), two elastic bands for resistance training, an air pump, and a valve. This product is great for anyone trying to help engage more muscles in their workouts!


Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike

Last but not least, the fifth product on our list is the Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike! This bike is great to use at any time due to its belt-driven system, which provides a smooth and quiet experience on the bike. This is great if you have children or neighbors close by. This bike includes many great features like the digital monitor which tracks your time, speed, pulse, and more. It also has cup/bottle holders to help keep your water nearby and soft handles and seats to make you feel comfortable. And if you ever feel like you need to change the height of the seat, you can use the seat adjustment to suit your needs. Overall, this product is great for anyone who wants to start exercising or continue their journey at home!